Korean Start Up Plans a Do Good Addition to Children’s Gamification Application

World's Most Active Application to Teach Kids Time Management

Story Time: There’s a Korean company bent on changing the world. I know them. I write weekly newsletters for them. They have more than 70,000 downloads of their app – a time management game for kids/parents. Phenomenal Organic Growth for a Children’s App They are growing by 100+ organic downloads DAILY. They didn’t collect email […]

How McDonald’s Employees Start the Day Off by Treating Customers Special

Feel Special

Almost everybody has that certain something they like best and it’s almost never the same as everyone else’s. These can range from favorite car brands, favorite brands of clothing, to favorite colors. I Am Special, So Are My Drinks For most people the “favorite” we think about most is what we are going to eat […]

How to Do Good to a Fellow Hacker and His Wayward Balls

Do Good Fellow Hacker

I don’t know what you were thinking but every good, er, bad golfer knows exactly what this post is about. How do you do good by a fellow hacker who’s ball has gone seriously wayward? Going Wayward in Silicon Valley I will give some very practical answers to that question but first a bit of […]