A story has been told for centuries about a guy who you wouldn’t think would do good did and
people who you thought would do good did bad.

The story is so well known that most people who have heard of it—which is most people—are
pretty sure the main character was a real person.

Random Acts of Kindness Worth the Effort

Nobody knows his name, though, because the story teller just called him “The Good
Samaritan.” People still know and use the phrase today, referring to someone doing something
good for someone else.

In the original, in case you haven’t heard it, a man is traveling from one city to another when he
is mugged, beaten badly, robbed, and left for dead.

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A clergy member comes down that same road, sees the man and his condition, then swoops
over to the other side of the road so as not to deal with him.

Next a man comes along whose family has a proud religious heritage. Moses himself was one
of this guys ancestors. But he takes the same evasive action as the clergy bird, crossing the
street to avoid that whole mess. (Can you imagine the delay, let alone the paperwork?)’

The Good Samaritan a Bad Joke Gone Well

Then along comes a man who is the political enemy of the fellow left for dead. He doesn’t
cross the road, he approaches the victim. Maybe he’ll kick him once while he’s down.

But instead of adding insult to injury, this man, The Good Samaritan, gives the guy first aid,
transports him to a place where he can get more help, pays (!) for the care in advance and
promises to pay any extra when he comes back.

Do you know a Good Samaritan? Maybe you’ve been one yourself, or maybe you were the one
beaten and bloody with nobody stopping to help.

How People Look at You

Whichever one of those characters you see when you look into your own actions, here’s the

truth: you have it in you to do good.

Don’t be the mugger, and don’t pass by when help is needed. Do good.

Tell us your Good Samaritan story in the comments. Maybe we’ll publish it.

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