Rejection. We’ve all experienced it and know its pain. Sometimes that pain lasts for years, and
that was true with Jia Jiang, who was successful in the corporate world, had become an
entrepreneur, and was making a path for himself and his family.

Early Rejection Results Arrive Late in Life

But he knew he was being held back by rejection he had experienced in first grade, and he had
to do something about it.

He found a site online that was partly spoof and partly real: overcome rejection by putting
yourself into situations where you’ll be rejected. Do that for three days in a row, and life will be

Find Creative Ways to Get Rejected

Jiang decided three days weren’t enough, so he upped the number a little to one hundred days.
Right away he succeeded in getting rejected, and he got more and more creative on finding
ways to get rejected.

For instance, he knocked on the front door of a house of someone he didn’t know, and when the
man who lived there answered the door Jia, who was wearing shin guards and carrying a
soccer ball, asked him, “Can you take a picture of me playing soccer in your back yard?”

The man looked at him for a minute and then said, “OK.”

Failing at Being Rejected

Jiang had failed to get rejected, because he found someone who was willing to take a chance.
So he went into the back yard, had his picture taken, thanked the man and left.

But the highlight of not being rejected happened early on. It was just day three when he went to
a Krispy Kreme store and asked the lady who waited on him (Jackie) if she would make him
doughnuts that looked like the Olympic Rings. The video of that exchange went viral, and youcan see why.

At the end of the video he notes that he “failed miserably” because he didn’t get a no, and
hoped he would get more no’s in the future. “Or hopefully maybe more like this. It just delights
your heart.”

Delight a heart today. Do good.

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