Almost everybody has that certain something they like best and it’s almost never the same as
everyone else’s. These can range from favorite car brands, favorite brands of clothing, to
favorite colors.

I Am Special, So Are My Drinks

For most people the “favorite” we think about most is what we are going to eat or drink each day.

Feel Special
Feel Special When Doing Good

Whether eating at home or eating out, there are a plethora of choices to filter through. If the choice is for eating fast food, it seems there are even more choices to be made than one can fathom.

Most restaurants seem to have menus that go on for miles, which makes the decision even harder.

At franchise chain restaurants, the menus are all the same with little variances which should make the process of deciding what it is that you want to eat just a little easier.

But that’s not always the case. It seems as though the drink choices at most fast food restaurants are the only thing that remain constant.

Morphing a Cookie Cutter Menu

As cookie cutter as the drink choices seem to be, even they can be morphed to please the

For instance, you might order three large drinks from your favorite drive-thru with the
beverage the same in all of them except for the amount of ice in each being different.

“One with regular ice, one with extra ice, and one with light ice please”. Seems easy enough, right?

Now imagine what this special order may seem like to the person taking or making the order.

They were most likely trained to make the menu choices as they were designed, but at the same time trained to please the customers.

So when someone orders something as simple as drinks and they are to be made “special”, the employee has a choice to make, fix it the easy way or the special way.

There’s not a lot of difference in the effort put forth in making the drink order except for one thing…doing something just a little bit extra.

McDonald’s Lets You Have It Your Way, too

Living in a small town you think you would know just about everybody, but that’s not the case.

There are lots of people I don’t know, including a few employees working the early shift at the
local McDonalds, and they only know me by my truck and my dog.

Most mornings after my daily run we (Nali and I) go get our family drinks to start their days off. The order we place is exactly the same every time we go and it’s a special order.

Doing Good by Your Regular Customers Sets You Apart

Keep in mind this all takes place at 6 a.m. and some folks may not be in the best of moods that early in the day. These employees seem to be in good moods most days and may not realize it but they are doing good just by making the special order exactly as ordered.

Not only that but they go out of their way to make sure it is known which drink is the one with extra ice, light ice and the regular ice.

It may not seem like much to them to make the special order, but the extra effort they put forth to make sure the order is right makes them special people in my eyes… they are quite simply Doing Good!

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