I venture to guess that nobody saw this coming. A most recent Gallup poll asked 100 people. Sorry, that’s Family Feud. Gallup poll asks a lot more people. Gallup asked people how they spent their down time last year – movies, sporting events, concerts, casinos … Which do you think get visited most often? Which do you think were the most popular entertainment destinations? The answer surprised me.

9 Most Popular Entertainment Destinations – 2019

Counting backwards – number of times per year

Do Good - Read a Book
Do Good – Read a Book

9. Zoo – .9

8. Amusement/theme park – 1.5

7. Casino – 2.5

6. Museum – 2.5

5. National or historical park – 3.7

4. Live concert / theater – 3.8

3. Sporting event – 4.7

2. Movies – 5.3

1. Library – 10.5

Number 1 Destination Beats Numbers 2 &  3 COMBINED

How about that? The library gets visited more than movies and sporting events COMBINED!

If my family of 3 went to Disney World 10.5 times in a year … I could buy a small amusement park.

If a family of 4 went to the movies 10.5 times in a year … $100/visit. (Just for the popcorn and a drink 8-0!) … this family of 4 could buy a 60″ Smart TV at Costco, a sound system, a streaming service and one of those giant boxes of 48 bags of popcorn.

4 Reasons to Love Number 1 on the List

  • Libraries are free!
  • Library books are free! Unless you forget to return them on time – which we do too often. It’s our way of contributing.
  • Libraries have movies, too! Don’t throw away your Blue ray DVD player just yet.
  • Libraries can be borrowed from digitally, too! We use Overdrive.

And which will do the most good for your brain?

The answer is a no-brainer.

Our Favorite Number 1 Destination

My daughter and I have been to the library more times than we can remember. Our favorite library is the local Barnes & Nobles. But they get angry when we try to ‘borrow’ books.

All seriousness aside – Which do you to do more? Tell us in the comments.

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