Schools have been closing at a breakneck pace since the Covid-19 virus recently hit the United States.

Students are excited about their extended time off, but parents and caregivers are faced with having to figure out what to do to keep them busy and entertained…which has not been easy.

Some schools are fortunate enough to be able to continue education through e-learning programs that have already been established.

However, some rural districts are not set up to offer online classes to continue their curriculum.

These educators have had to scramble to put together materials for their students in a very short time.

Perfect opportunity for companies to give back by offering free virtual learning.

Hundreds of companies including Brainpop, Khan Academy, and Scholastic are offering free subscriptions to their online resources.

Several authors are offering a free daily read-aloud during this crisis.

For example, Peter H. Reynolds, author of “The Dot” and “ish” will have a daily Facebook live read.

There are even websites offering free virtual field trips such as the Cincinnati Zoo, the White House, and even farm tours by the American Dairy Association.

Simple acts of kindness can make stressful times a little easier

There is no doubt that what we are experiencing in the world right now is something we could never be ready for.

Fortunately, these companies, people and organizations have come to the rescue for the students, teachers and parents.

Through this trial they have shown that during difficult times we all can do good by helping others.

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