Ever go for a walk and find something totally unexpected?

Maybe you have or maybe not, but if you have were you inspired by what you saw?

In the world we live in today it can be difficult to find the inspiration we seek.

People are generally so busy with the daily rush of life that they can’t be mindful of the positivity that surrrounds them.


Look here, look there, look everywhere

We may look for our inspiration through our TV’s, phones, or the internet (because everything on the internet is true, right?).

It could be said that we probably look too hard to find what we may be searching for.

Most of the time the result of this tireless searching ends up being a waste of time and resources.


Take the time to take the time

There are more resources available to “find” inspiration and hope than can be imagined.

Experts are always at the ready to share their professional opinions as to what will make you feel good.

Some of this advice is valuable and works to accomplish what we aim to achieve, but there are certainly simpler ways to get there.

One of those ways could be an afternoon walk, getting exercise for your body and mind.

It was one of these walks where it was noticed some children playing with sidewalk chalk had written “Hope is stronger than fear.”

The children may not have known the positive impact they created when writing these words.

They were doing good simply by having fun.

Inspiration and hope can be found anywhere and often when we least expect it!






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