Memory loss plagues millions of seniors around the world.

Whether it’s Alzheimer’s disease, or any neurocognitive disorder, dealing with any level of memory loss can be difficult.

Medical professionals around the world work tirelessly researching to find a cure for memory loss.

Families hope for answers and a cure for these diseases so their loved ones can enjoy their Golden Years to the fullest.


Days are Brighter with Friends and Flowers

Every year flower shops take unsold inventory to the dumpster.

Last year two lifelong friends were inspired to take the unsold flowers and repurpose them for good.

These ladies began rearranging bouquets on their kitchen island then delivering a dozen or two to seniors in memory care units.

Bluebirds & Blooms

Soon after starting they quickly grew to nearly a thousand bouquets a month with 150 volunteers working five days a week.

Karen Wooldridge and Laura Hogan then formed Bluebirds & Blooms, named after their childhood youth troupe, The Bluebirds.

Today they serve 30 senior living communities in the Bloomington, Minnesota area.

One special resident, Vellie Larson, who taught them both music when they were in Bluebird Troupe loves receiving the flowers.

”I just was in shock, and I thought ‘Why, why would they give me flowers?’” Larson said. “But believe me, I took them real fast and they’re not getting them back.”

Vellie makes sure to call her daughter, Karen Schwartz who was in the same Bluebird troupe as Wooldridge and Hogan, and gives her a flower report every day.


A Simple Reminder that Someone Cares

Sheryl Hassan, director of life enrichment at The Wealshire in Bloomington says, “They’re confused and sad, and just to have such a simple thing as a bouquet of flowers…just brightens their day.”

When the residents family comes in and sees the flowers they’ll say, “Oh who got you flowers? This is beautiful.”

They simply respond, “Oh, somebody was just thinking of me!”

Some find it difficult to work with those who are struggling with memory loss, however, Hogan said, “It’s happy to us. It’s doing something good.”

What a wonderful example of taking something that would have been trash and turning it into a simple but powerful reminder that someone still cares!

Seems as though a great opportunity could be looming for any of us to step up and Do Good for those who just need a little reminder someone cares.

Send us a note in the comments and let us know what you are doing or what you see others doing to impact others for good.


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