The present COVID-19 pandemic has forced a major part of the globe to go under a lockdown. The number of COVID-19 patients has increased by geometric progression in the US. During any emergency, it is the poor people that face the brunt. This time it is no different. Donors and financial institutions in the US are doing their bit. The real question is how the money is best utilized. Financial institutions are taking a lot of measures to help the poor.


Federal Reserve appeal has a positive effect

The Federal Reserve is doing its part to help the poor. It has appealed to financial institutions to take major measures. This will help the poor cover their financial needs. Financial institutions can also simplify or remove restrictions on grants. It includes support, fast-tracking payment schedules, removing the guarantee norms, etc.

Financial institutions offering assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic

Citi is offering the following benefits for a month, from March 9, 2020.

  • No fee on transactions.
  • No penalties for early CD withdrawal.
  • Enhanced credit line for credit cardholders.
  • Bankers are available after closing hours and also on weekends for support.

Wells Fargo is doing its bit to fight the coronavirus disease

Fargo is offering

  • Round the clock helpline number.
  • Trained specialists to discuss the options available for their consumer lending, small business, and also deposit products.
  • Sanitizing its branches and keeping it safe.

U.S. Bank

The US Bank is offering discounts on several products for those affected by COVID -19. There is also round the clock helpline number (888-287-7817) if anyone needs “extra support.”

Capital One

Capital One is urging its customers to use digital options for financial transactions. The company has also shared its Contact Us page as a resource for those in need as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

PNC Bank helping during COVID-19

PNC is offering round the clock assistance on its toll-free number 1-888-762-2265. Furthermore, a range of benefits that eligible customers can avail (depending on certain conditions.)


Discover is offering assistance to its customers who are having financial difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Well known student loan provider, Nelnet is offering relief to those affected by COVID-19. It is also offering options to reduce or postpone payments. Details are available at e-mail to, or call 888.486.4722 from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Eastern) Monday to Friday.

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