What is it that makes a man? Is it his birth or his surroundings? How are we different from animals? One can argue that the line dividing a civilized human and a savage animal is very thin. Charles Darwin had in his epoch-making theory postulated that nature is run by one golden rule –Survival of the fittest and weaklings are exterminated.

There have been instances in human history which seem to prove the above theory. However, there is no dearth of stories of selfless sacrifice by Good Samaritans and it is actually they who make this blue planet the best place for all of us.

Dr Frank Gabrin

Importance of social media tools

“Don’t forget about these tools, people! They can be the most powerful drugs we have to use in this pandemic!” These were the last words written by Frank Gabrin, MD, on Facebook before he died from symptoms consistent with COVID-19. He also shared a list of words in which one should try to imbibe in one’s character. These are tolerance, kindness, empathy, compassion, love for no reason, patience, understanding, caring, sharing. The list goes on.

America at war again, against COVID- 19

America is again at war but this time it is not against terror, but a more sinister and invisible enemy. It is the COVID-19 virus, not the people who get afflicted by it. Today the question is not who or where the endemic originated. It is how to face it. The coronavirus is the enemy. The men and women in Wuhan, China, are not the enemy. Viruses don’t have a nationality and they do not differentiate whom they infect.

God gives few opportunities to serve mankind and the present situation is one such opportunity. The biggest thing is not to lose hope even when we are at the end of our journey. The present endemic has seen many unknown warriors who are serving mankind and Frank Gabrin, MD is one such warrior. He survived testicular cancer with tremendous grit but fell victim to the virus. However, even in his dying moments, he gave hope for others affected by this pandemic.

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