Mat Best, former Army Ranger, entrepreneur, and YouTube! personality (total underachiever 🙂 ) and his pal Tim Montana have written a hit song encouraging all of us to do good!

Abby Hornacek interviewed Best about the song, Quarantine, in the clip posted below. His purpose, he states, is to raise awareness for the need for more blood and to urge people to help save lives and donate blood. In these tough times of COVID-19, they found lots of people who were willing to join in that message.

More than 40 friends of Best and Montana sent in video clips, including actor Charlie Sheen, singer Lee Brice, and Marcus Lattrell, author of “Lone Survivor.”

In these times of  lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, the message to donate blood is winning hearts. As reported by Fox Nation, due to the spread of the disease, blood banks have missed about 300,000 blood donations.

Now Best, Montana and friends are raising awareness about the severe shortage, and we want you to know about it, too. During this time, the need for doing good by donating blood is greater than ever.
Helping people by donating blood

According to Best and people he has spoken with, the need for blood is the same as it was before the pandemic. But a lot of treatment has stopped due to lack of resources. He also notes that doing good by giving blood is not so difficult. In actuality, it is a very honorable and peaceful way to do good. His call for blood donations is being echoed by the members of the Red Cross Foundation as well. The cases of fatal injuries continue to prevail. There are cancer patients and newborn babies that need precious blood for their lives. Donating blood is considered very helpful because one person can do good and save up to three lives.

Help via Social Media

A social media challenge has already begun to do good by encouraging Americans to donate precious blood. #BringTheBlood challenge is the signature and Abby Hornacek is the face of this campaign. The main motive is to inspire the people to donate blood, wherever they are and wherever they can.

According to James Rogers, from Fox News, there are still many people out there who need blood for their survival. Also, people are requested to do good and challenge five more people to do this.

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