Chuck Warwick, is an Atlantic Health nurse practitioner. In these tough times, when everything is devoid of hope, he is also concerned about the health of public people. No doubt, people are doing good by donating food packets to the needy, but he also decided to be a part of this do good deed.

Talking with Fox and Friends Weekend, Warwick said that the initial plan was to feed the people in Intensive Care Units of the New Jersey hospitals. But later on, people started giving donations for help.

Atlantic Health nurse practitioner Chuck Warwick saw the outpouring of food donations to hospitals

The Big Three Snack Packet

Warwick’s main motive was to fill in the gaps and try to provide as much he can. He wanted to help by giving individually packaged snacks and coffee. He used his saved up money to help people at the three hospitals where he was working. Warwick has been giving out the big three snacks, which include Swedish Fish candy, Cheezits, and coffee. In this do good deed, the nurses, the doctors, and even the ancillary staff such as the cafeteria workers and cleaning people have started helping them as well in doing good.

Giving hope to people

We have seen such scenes in movies, but this was something that nobody thought about. Everyone has stepped up and is coming forward for the help, he remarked. Warwick has decided to do as much as he can. He has created a GoFundme page to help raise donations for funding his service. Currently, over $6,500 has been raised, with the use of hashtag #SpreadsnacksnotCOVID. According to him, this do good work has helped people to smile, even under their masks.




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