Kindness brings joy. Doing good deeds for others is self satisfactory in many ways. A study has shown that doing good to others not only brings happiness, but it also heals and soothes the doer, physically! Experts found the pain levels decreased for those patients who helped others.

Being a Good Samaritan and doing nice things for others can help reduce physical pain
Being a Good Samaritan and doing nice things for others can help reduce physical pain

How does doing good heal you physically?

In the journal ‘Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA,’ a column reflected the study of China-based authors. It said that a self-involved person is a general victim of acute physical pain. Also, self-centered cancer patients face chronic physical pain, according to the study.

According to the Dailymail, Scientists at Peking University in Beijing put 287 participants through different scenarios. The researchers analyzed MRI scans of all the participants to perform a study. It showed that an act of kindness has an immediate impact on the brain, and it demolishes the painful stimulation.

The three experiments performed for a research study

In the first experiment, patients donated blood under the earthquake crisis. The volunteers felt less pain from the large needle than those who donated blood under their routine tests.

The second experiment was observed in cancer patients. The patients with chronic pain felt a reduction in their sufferings as they cooked, cleaned, and genuinely served other people. Whereas the ones who cooked and cleaned only for themselves felt no such decrease in their pain.

In the third experiment, participants donated money to orphans. The donators were given an electric shock. Those who volunteered at first felt less pain as compared to those who came up late to participate.

Therefore a self-absorbed person has more chances to feel physical pain than an altruist who enjoys other’s well being.  Doing good for others really is healthy, both mentally and also physically! So take time to get out there and help others, it will do both of you good!

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