In the last few weeks the climate in the business world has been turned upside down.

Countless businesses have been forced to completely change the way they do business, lay off employees or completely shut down.

This “invisible enemy” known as coronavirus has had a profound and lasting impact on the business world.

The outlook for thousands of workers could certainly be considered bleak after being sent home with no real answers for the future.

My hope is that those answers will come sooner rather than later…but my guess is it will be later.


Business leaders are being put to the test

Risk and reward are synonymous with any business environment.

When faced with “normal” problems most business leaders lean on their employees to help resolve the issue at hand.

Department heads are charged with taking problems to their team, presenting the problem and finding those best suited to resolve it.

I have found that with the right people in place these problems can be mitigated in a timely manner.

Then the occasional “big” problem shows up and throws everyone for a loop…a.k.a. coronavirus.


Hard times lead to hard decisions

In order to slow the spread of this virus countless businesses have been forced to essentially restructure their business landscape.

What normal looks like since the end of March is vastly different for not only the owners but also most employees.

Dining areas have been closed in restaurants and non – essential businesses are shut down sending countless workers home.

What the future looks like for these businesses is unclear along with how many jobs may be reduced or lost.


Opportunity arises for the CEO’s to step up in a big way

Leaders at the upper management level have worked hard to get the businesses they run where they are.

I have a renewed respect for those leaders since the whole environment of the corporate world has been completely disrupted.

The workforce of any business is the glue that holds it all together which the CEO’s and upper level management depend on every day.

Now that the tide has turned those CEO’s are tasked with the daunting job of figuring out how to 1) keep the business viable and open, 2) keep the employees they had before this crisis came to be.

I have seen reports of several CEO’s donating their salaries to help keep the doors open and retain their workforce.

These leaders have chosen to do good for those who have helped them achieve greatness in their business.

I would say it shows that when given the chance to be kind and do good for others… take it, I promise it will do everybody Good!

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