Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge in Palm Springs gave a great example of doing good on Good Friday. It delivered lunches to all the urgent care facilities in the Coachella Valley. It is going to continue until the present pandemic is over.

Aptly naming the program, ‘Good Deeds Friday,’ Willie Rhine, Co-Owner of Eight4Nine, said that the brilliant idea came from two of their clients. Art Williams and his partner Gene Leone called the restaurant and asked if they could chip in and help the needy. Willie Rhine hit upon a novel idea of providing lunch boxes to all the care facilities in the entire Coachella Valley. What more can one ask for than an opportunity to serve humanity?


DAP staff grateful

The hospital selected for ‘doing good’ is ‘The Desert AIDS Project. It also doubles as the host of a coronavirus triage clinic. The community support was gratefully accepted and the staff is very appreciative of the good deed. The Eight4Nine Restaurant & Lounge plans to continue providing aid throughout the pandemic.

Act highly appreciated

An infectious disease physician at the Desert AIDS Project, Dr. Christopher Foltz, received the aid. He said, “It’s amazing to see the community support us. All of our staff members, our nurses, our medical assistants, and also everyone here on the front lines are very appreciative of the community support we’ve been given”.

DAP seeking donations of personal protective equipment

Incidentally, The Desert AIDS Project is also accepting donations of personal protective equipment. It includes:

  • Unused Gowns
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Masks and Hand Sewn Masks
  • Shoe Covers

If you can help, reach out to DAP directly at (760) 342-4197 or visit the official site.

A Community tightly-knit together

The Coachella Valley community is a closely-knit one. Most importantantly always comes along in moments of crisis. Its resilience stands on a solid faith in God Almighty, and this helps the community do deeds which otherwise seem just impossible. However, as a result of the present pandemic, most of the businesses are closed, and significant tourism events postponed. Most importantly, the valley is also facing substantial revenue losses this year. To make up for the anticipated losses; cities are dipping into robust reserves created for such emergencies. Everyone is chipping in and doing their part.

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