Sydney, a ten-year-old girl started feeling hopeless during this isolation time. Sydney and Melissa Dilling, her mom,  decided to take action to let go off this feeling.

She always knew that she has the information that can help her fellow classmates and make a difference. So they decided to produce videos with the required valuable information. They started writing the scripts sitting in their living room, recorded them, and animated kids coping with the isolation. For all this, they used educational software, Story Maker, which Melissa uses in her classroom at Eisenhower Middle School in Everett, WA.

Things Sydney covered in her series

Initially, they covered how kids can have fun and arrange playdates followed by including a unique way that will allow school students to help the hospitals around them.

In her series, Sydney suggested the kids can send emails to their teachers or schools asking them to donate unused PPE (personal hygiene equipment) to the needy. The PPE includes gloves and goggles.
Even if they do not reply, “there is no harm in asking,” she says. is the website they suggested to donate the supplies.

What motivates Sydney to start these series?

Sydney hopes to do good and also bring a change to the society along with inculcating ethical values in her fellow mates. She thinks that her YouTube videos can make her fellow classmates realize and can bring change to the community.

She believes that it is always better to grow through what you go through. Rather than making things complicated and getting all the negativity, one should spread positivity around. People like Sydney and her mom always prove to be a ray of light in the time of darkness. To do good and go the extra mile, one needs to be positive and keep going.

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