A small team of Samaritans from York Samaritans are doing their part to help the distressed. These are trying times as the pandemic is sweeping across the US. The phone is endlessly ringing at the small York Samaritans office in Nunnery Lane. They are a small group of people doing good by offering advice to the distressed.

These simple men are doing their part. In all, there are 140 volunteers with the York Samaritans. All of them are personalities who are willing to give time to listen. Among the volunteers is an ex-Air Force Pilot and a civil servant.

All these volunteers have a desire to make a contribution to society.  The group is led by Steve Angle, a 68-year-old semi-retired company director who has been a Samaritan for 25 years. “In fact, we’ve got volunteers booked up for shifts for the next three weeks!” says Steve. “I have had a pretty lucky life,” adds Steve. “I just felt that I wanted to give something back.”

The Samaritans-Patient listeners

The Samaritans are not COVID experts. They are not even qualified counselors. Most of them are ordinary people who watched videos or messaged friends and family in an attempt to keep some personal contact with loved ones. The team just extended its activities to distressed people.

The deadly COVID-19 is hanging like a sword on everyone. People are feeling anxious, nervous, friendless, and even scared. Just listening and adding a few words of solace are doing wonders. The York Samaritans have pledged to be there to help anyone who calls in to talk.

A sympathetic ear and earthly advice

The small team of volunteers is observing all the precautions while working. It includes all the distancing and hygiene measures as per the government’s coronavirus standards. The unit may not be present physically but their sympathetic ear and advice are offering solace to many.

Mother’s Day is coming up soon with many fearing not being able to be with their mothers to celebrate. Some have anxiety about what is to come once this pandemic is over. Others just want to talk… about what? Anything, everything or nothing at all. Just the fact someone is willing to listen is enough sometimes.

Take inspiration from these Samaritans and take the time to brighten someone’s day. Lend an ear for a minute or an hour, it will do you both good!


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