The present crisis has thrown many Americans out of work. However, even in such trying times, a large number of Americans have donated the stimulus money of $1200 for noble causes.

True to the undying spirit of this nation, they have pledged the money to alleviate the suffering of their fellow brethren. It is this spirit of doing good that separates this great nation from the endless multitude of other countries.

Charity from the not so endowed

One such example is Laine Himmelmann. The generous lady has donated $250 from her $1200 stimulus payment to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Sacramento.

The agency repairs and constructs Habitat for the poor and the needy. The lady is pictured here with Della Reed, a widow whose house was repaired by Habitat, courtesy of Laine Himmelmann.

Giving from scarce resources

There are many others like Laine who have a lot of debt but still opted to divert their scarce resources to doing good in their community. Nothing can be nobler than giving your limited resources to the needy.

God always appreciates those who may not be endowed but still have the heart to give. One such example is Brooke Young. She is neck-deep in debt, has a mortgage, car payments, and credit-card bills. However, she is one of the few lucky who has her job still going. Amazingly she decided to donate money for a good cause.

Young, 39, told MarketWatch, “I’m not swimming in extra cash, but I’m pretty blessed. In some ways, I feel so guilty that I’m still getting paid and that I’m as financially secure as I am, while so many people are struggling so much. It just feels like the least I could do.”

For our reader’s knowledge, The Internal Revenue Service is giving stimulus money to individuals who earn less than $75,000 a year and couples who together make less than $150,000.

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