Adverse circumstances often bring competing entities together. Our nation is passing through one of its most difficult periods. True to the American spirit, everyone is coming forward and contributing to providing relief to the nation’s underprivileged and distressed.

In one such example, Subway has joined hands with Feeding America to provide 15 million meals to local food banks. One can also contribute to this venture until April 30.

Every Footlong one buys, the fast-food chain will contribute equally and donate it to Feeding America. It will also allow ordinary people to do good and serve the community.

Opportunity to give back to the community

Subway’s North America President, Trevor Haynes said to 10News that they are always a part of the community and whenever a crisis occurred, they rose to the occasion. During the present trying times, it is keeping its restaurants open and safe. It is providing delicious subs and a helping hand and making sure the food is distributed efficiently via its franchise owners. In one more step, it has partnered with Feeding America to ensure the needy and the distressed are getting the nutritious meals they need and deserve.

A steep increase in the need for food assistance

Claire Babineaux-Fontenot, CEO of Feeding America, informed about the steep increase in the demand for food assistance across the communities. The offer from Subway came godsend. The 15 million meals will go a long way in catering to the steep increase in food assistance. The measure will help to alleviate the need to obtain food. It will also allow the needy to spend time with their family and help them to navigate these difficult times. Subway is also offering pickup and delivery options.

It is truly inspiring to see the good that Subway and other restaurant chains are doing in this time of uncertainty. When possible go support this and other causes to help your neighbors and friends.

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