The United States is facing one of its most severe challenges in the last 100 years. Lockdowns and restrictions are hampering movements. The supply of goods and medicines have become a logistic nightmare. However, workers are putting in long hours to make sure the goods and services we need arrive on time.

Digital technology is somewhat filling the void by providing access for students and parents to work from home. Many businesses have adapted new ways of working together via the internet.

New challenges with work from home mode

The extensive work from home transition, as well as logistics challenges, have not prevented Chicago tech companies from taking care of the folks who are struggling. Many tech companies are firmly behind struggling communities in these uncertain times. It is another example of America’s indigenous population who shines and delivers the best during adversity.

Tech-savvy professionals as digital good samaritans

BrightHive is one such company whose staff is devoting a portion of their time in serving others. They are serving the government, social services, and nonprofit organizations and are not charging anything for their services. These tech-savvy professionals are creating a Data Trust Agreement. It enables them to reliably and efficiently share data to coordinate their efforts better.

Giving details of the good deeds done by the company was Mathew Gee, CEO of BrightHive. The services which are covered by these teams include providing pro bono services for better data sharing. It also enables them to fill gaps in critical digital infrastructure.

The team is also helping cities and states across the US to publish real-time updates on hundreds of open child care centers. They are also enabling states to gather real-time information about industries that are hit hardest by the present crisis.

The team is helping the government collect data about lay-offs and where they can find new employment. The team is also working with doctors and the medical professionals to share data and effective means of treatment for the current pandemic.

This is another example of a business using their resources to do good. The current environment is not our forever environment and we will be better when it’s all over. Supporting the businesses that are helping out now is one way we can do good for them in the future. Do Good… it’s in you!

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