The United States is currently facing a pandemic causing drastic changes in daily life. One of the worst affected are the children who go without their staple diet-milk. However, thanks to good samaritans like Fayette County dairy farmer Louie Diamond, the children can get this vital food supplement.

Fayette County dairy farmer Louie Diamond was aware that the current situation is causing financial problems to many households. Many children have to stay home without getting their daily quota of milk. He, therefore, decided to give a helping hand.

Distributing milk to needy children

The good samaritan from Masontown joined hands with the American Dairy Association North East and the milk cooperative Dairy Farmers of America. The team is now delivering a 4,860-gallon milk donation to the people in the region via the Fayette County Food Bank.

Diamond was there to see first hand the delivery of milk at the food bank. The milk was transported in a tractor-trailer from Dean’s Milk, which processed the milk through the Dairy Farmers of America co-op.

Distributing fresh produce

Talking to ‘Trib Live,’ Louie said, “It started two weeks ago when I happened to be in Masontown and saw people lined up down the road for a food bank distribution. I saw someone, and I asked if there were any dairy products in their boxes and they said no, that it was all dry goods and produce and it got me thinking,”

Diamond was aware that the local Salvation Army helped coordinate the distribution. So he contacted Rose Cook at the agency informing her of his willingness to donate the milk. The offer was welcomed with open arms and Diamond went to work. He called ADA North East and Dairy Farmers of America, which also buys milk produced on the farm. Diamond had 170 milking cows on his farm. He put into motion the process of delivering a large volume of milk.

Taking the initiative to make sure those needing milk receive it is doing good. Diamond used resources at his disposal to provide for his fellow Americans, providing encouragement to thousands in the process.

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