The global pandemic has caused a steep increase in the number of needy people in the US. However, local groups are coming to their rescue and doing good for the community.

The restaurant industry is the worst hit, and many have either closed down or drastically reduced their staff. Operation BBQ Relief based in Kansas City, Missouri, is an example of relief efforts focusing on restaurants that have closed.

Operation BBQ Relief, in existence since 2011

Founded in 2011 to provide hot meals to the American people affected by natural disasters, Operation BBQ Relief has since diversified its activities.

It is now assisting stressed or closed local restaurants. The agency is providing food, packaging, and wages if they are willing to re-enroll their workforce. The workforce then distributes free meals to the needy.

More groups join the campaign

They are not alone in this venture. The urge to do good has become infectious. Fashion brands across the US have stepped in to make masks to cater to health care demands. Food groups are chipping in and doing their part to help feed the needy.

Speaking to PEOPLE magazine, Operation BBQ Relief chief of programs, Jarrid Collins said, “A hot meal provides hope, compassion, and comfort during a pandemic that creates several levels of uncertainty.”

“We are connecting with closed restaurants, empowering them to open their doors and bring their staff back to work as partners in the newly established program.”

Sheer gratitude

Donations take care of the expenses incurred for providing meals. A GoFundMe campaign was started to obtain donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations.

The biggest reward is sheer gratitude. The happy faces of the persons who are receiving the meals are enough to enamor any person. Operation BBQ Relief is one of the many do good campaigns that are running in the US to help those who are in need.

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