Two thousand years ago, a messiah came to save humanity from sin and pain. His teachings were new and unusual and followed by half the population on this earth.

Many followers have been following his teachings, and modern science is now realizing the truth and wisdom of his teachings. A recent study revealed that doing good deeds not only benefits the recipient but gives the giver immense satisfaction and pain relief.

China-based researchers conducted the study and published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA. The study revealed that acting unselfishly reduced physical pain in healthy adults but also chronic Cancer pain.

Terminally ill cancer patients often have to endure excruciating pain often treated with narcotic analgesics.

Doing Good reduces the suffering of the giver

The researchers looked at the effects of being a good samaritan or doing good in 280 people. The study involved two pilot studies and three experiments.

The researchers studied the MRI scans of the subjects immediately after they did an act of kindness. They found that an immediate deactivating impact on the portion of the brain that feels pain— the medial prefrontal cortex.

Similarly, volunteers who donated blood just after an earthquake experienced less pain than the subjects who donated blood in a routine blood donation camp CNN reports.

Reaffirms what Jesus preached

Again when cancer patients who cooked and cleaned for others in the treatment center had significantly reduced chronic pain compared to when they cooked food and cleaned for themselves.

In the third experiment, it was revealed that subjects felt less pain when they were given electric shocks –if they had just done a good deed, like giving alms to the poor.

The foundation of Christian belief stands on helping others. Jesus preached, “Thou help thy neighbor”.

Helping someone will be rewarded by God, and this study amply proves that assisting others also to reduce the pain and suffering of the giver.

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