The crime rate in San Fransisco is going down, according to statistics. But, in reality, the story is different. The city reported three cases of theft and robbery in broad daylight in just three days.

The low crime rate figure shared by city officials, according to locals is because of the under-reporting of petty crimes. But, in dark times there is hope because several people are coming forward to do good and help each other.

Crime Rate Data and Reality

On the streets of San Francisco, three senior citizens were robbed recently. In one instance, the robber snatched the purse of a 70-year old on Fillmore Street just outside the SPCA, when she was on her way to the ATM.

In another incident, an 84-year old was knocked down by robbers, just near the Bank of America ATM in the same locality.

“All of these stores had guards nearby because they were getting ripped off. Now all the stores are closed.” MSN quoted the daughter of the deceased as saying.

“Maybe we should have something like people together and make a plan to watch out for each other,” one of the victims said.  She expresses her deepest gratitude to whoever the Good Samaritans are… who helped her during the scariest moments of her life.

Crime rate data might not be in sync with the ground reality, but it is a fact that an equal number of good people are there ready to help anyone in need. In both instances, people came forward to help the victims in time.

United in Fight

Absence of regular security guards and deserted streets create perfect set up for robbers to loot. Since there aren’t any options, people are coming forward to help each other. They are forming self-help security groups to patrol the streets and provide a safety buffer to people.

In Chinatown, they have formed the “United Peace Corps” watch group. The regular patrolling on the streets keep crime in check and they have reported several crimes in progress.

Many citizens are afraid to report crimes to the authorities, resulting in lower crime numbers. It is a tough time for everyone, with worsening economic conditions crime rates will increase and people will need the support of each other to remain safe and secure.

The Almighty has given us all a great heart to look after and care for each other. Keep doing great work, God is there to help us all. Please do share your comments on the story.

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