The digital divide should not be an excuse to keep students away from learning. Social-distancing requirements have forced students to need access to online learning. Unfortunately, not all students have the access they need to get the work done.

Schools are trying to find technological solutions to teach online. They found more students than first thought are without access. One such instance came to light in the Atlanta Public School system.

Fortunately, the people of Atlanta came forward and donated $350,000 to help students buy laptops and high-speed internet connection. Thanks to the fund-raising campaign more students will have access to high-speed internet and devices.

United in Fight

The initial target was to raise $300,000, enough to support 1,500 students. That goal was met and surpassed quickly. The people of Atlanta made it possible for these students to succeed. According to school officials, the full cost of equipping the school could cost close to $1.5 million.

Filling Digital Divide Gap

Learning from home brings a certain level of stress. These students now have less to worry about thanks to the generosity of so many. Now they can focus on their schoolwork and look to the future in a different light.

The school set a new goal to raise an additional $300,000 to ensure 100% Internet connectivity. With the support of the community that shouldn’t be a problem. Doing good is part of what the people of Atlanta do.

A contribution of just $300 will help a student get a Chromebook with 12 months of Internet access. The Trinity Health Share and Atlanta Tech Village were among the early donors. Consider opening up your hearts (and pocketbook) to help this worthy cause.

Let us know if you know of more stories like this one. Doing good is what we love, and we love to share what others do!

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