Los Alamos boasts a community that is close-knit in good times. The community is even closer in any time of crisis. On April 4, Los Alamos Foundation sponsored the first Emergency Food Pantry at the Los Alamos Valley Senior Center.

The undying American spirit

There are several organizations that exhibit the American spirit. The Emergency Food Pantry works under the banner of the Los Alamos Foundation, and involves a more significant alliance of service providers and neighbors. The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County does weekly deliveries. These deliveries are in addition to the twice a week food distribution conducted by People Helping People. Another nonprofit organization, Veggie Explosion collects local farm produce from vegetable distributors to donate.

Serving the most vulnerable population

Santaynezvalleystar.com quoted the executive director and trustee of The Los Alamos Foundation, Monna Dingman, as saying, “Many families in Los Alamo’s struggle in the best of times to put meals on the table and to meet the nutritional needs of growing children or aging parents and grandparents. U.S. Census Bureau data from 2017 (the most recent available data) shows that 38 percent of Los Alamos children 18 and younger live below the poverty level.”

The Los Alamos Foundation is going to continue with its charity work for the next couple of months. The pantry will remain open on Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM at the Los Alamos Valley Senior Center. The elderly who need food outside the pantry hours can call 211. All calls will be directed to the Los Alamos Foundation, and the Foundation will deliver a food bag to their doorstep.

Having a sense of purpose and giving a helping hand to the needy has a positive impact on our well being. To give is doing good and benefits everyone involved. It does not cost much to be generous. When we give to a needy person the one giving ends up benefiting just the same.

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