The current pandemic has wreaked havoc all over the world with the US hit hardest. However, the US population has risen to the occasion. Every day we hear new and heartening stories of people doing good.

Corporations have been responding in a big way with individuals following suit in the do-good campaign.

Rapper Kanye West joins a long list of good samaritans

The latest to join the long list of good samaritans is Rapper Kanye West, who has pledged to provide 300,000 meals to the needy amid the pandemic.

Rapper Kanye West has been working since March 2020 with this project. Wests’ effort has helped provide 300,000 meals to the needy and the vulnerable section of society.

West shook hands with fast-food firm Chick-fil-A and another nonprofit group named Dream Center located in Los Angeles. The Center has been able to provide 11,000 meals per day and helped many of the impacted citizens in the area through the partnership.

Center becomes a hub to ‘feed the poor’ activities

Founder of Dream center, Mathew Barnett took to social media to publicly thank Kanye West for his commitment to help those in need. Mathew was ecstatic to find his organization is becoming a hub for those who cannot afford two square meals a day.

Barnett added, “The Los Angeles Dream Center has transformed into the Grand Central Station of food distribution and other essentials. I’m so grateful that our team has stayed healthy, and that we’ve found a safe way to meet the urgent needs within our community, I can’t say thank you enough to the various donors who’ve made this a reality. It is what a neighborhood, a community, and a church should always look like.”

Dream Center is a nonprofit organization established in 1994. The Christian group serves the local dispossessed population, emancipated and drug addicts, alcoholics, single mothers, stressed families, taggers, people with AIDS, and various subculture, ethnic and nationality groups.

West, The Dream Center and many others are using their resources for good. It’s always a great time to help those in need. Find inspiration from this and other stories of doing good and get out there and spread positivity and kindness.

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