Twin Falls Love Locks helping people make connections
Twin Falls Love Locks helping people make connections

The Love Lock Fence, the symbol of togetherness and love for town folks, on the Twin Falls Canyon Rim Trail of Idaho, is back to normal with more strength. In times when family values are on a constant decline, this kind of symbolic association plays a very significant role in keeping society in the right shape.

Unfortunately, this symbol of family bonding was weakening under the weight of locks. For the Scott’s family, it was a bit unfortunate when they learned that the Love Lock Fence has been vandalized and several locks, including theirs, went missing.

“We took our kids and we walked the path and we let them each write their name on their lock and we did it all together,” MSN quoted Liz Scott saying.

Cooperative Spirit Wins

Whatever is the situation, ultimately it is positivity and goodness that wins. Something similar happened in Twin Falls, several people came together to rebuild the Love Lock Fence. Now, it is much stronger to endure the weight of locks.

Thanks to the power of social media, the Scott family found their lost locks as someone delivered their locks to their business.

“The person who delivered ours delivered it to our business, in a bag. I thought that was really neat that people just volunteered to help,” the portal quoted Liz Scott saying.

Rebuilt to Last Forever

The symbol of love and togetherness is back in shape with great strength. The Love Locks Fence of Twin Falls is regaining its old glory. The town folks are again filling up the fence with a love symbol of locks with their names.

Twin Falls Love Locks helping people make connections

The Scott family is more than happy and thankful to a person who returned their locks. The rebuilt fence has much more than just symbolic value. It also acts as a perfect reminder for families to value love and celebrate togetherness.

In contemporary hyper-competitive lifestyle when we are sacrificing family values for virtual pleasure, places like the Love Lock Fence helps you connect and cherish moments of togetherness. Intrinsically, that’s really what life is all about.

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