Rectangular boxes at first glance of a parking lot for homeless people in one of many richest cities of the world is likely to attract criticism. This really is what happened in Las Vegas when the city officials made shelter in the parking large amount of the Cashman Center. This is done following the closing of a 500-bed overnight shelter.

Going beyond the debate of right or wrong, it’s time to just accept the reality of the inadequacy of the machine and get together to greatly help each other.

The white boxes with a blue-sheet in open space might look inhuman. But this is the best possible temporary solution for individuals.

Good Samaritan looking for positive solution to homelessness

Homelessness is not an outcome of the existing crisis. It’s not the right time for a blame-game but to find appropriate solutions to guarantee the minimum possible spread of the pandemic. The town authorities followed all federal social distancing guidelines in preparing the Cashman Center parking lot shelter.

Medical and Physician students of Touro University joined city officials in setting up the shelter for homeless people. Authorities have ensured that medical staff would be there to conduct screening and help those in need of medical care.

Public-Private Cooperation

Crisis exposes cracks and believers attempt to fill those cracks by mobilizing all possible resources. The homelessness crisis isn’t new in Nevada. But at this moment of struggle for survival, it’s painful to see people sleeping on the concrete grid. This becomes more intense whenever you realize that over 150k rooms in hotels are lying vacant.

If hotels come forward to supply some rooms to allow for homeless people, then this could be the best exemplory instance of public-private cooperation. The parking lot shelter is at least providing the requisite safety to those who are most subjected to the coronavirus.

Earlier in November, prior to the arrival of the outbreak, the town council made sitting, resting, or lodging on sidewalks illegal with an excellent all the way to $1,000.

In the eyes of God, most of us are equal. Almighty can there be to greatly help us all. Compassionate believers realize that doing good could save humanity from the corona crisis.

Remind God’s people to obey rulers and authorities. Remind them to get ready to complete what is good. — Tt 3:1

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