American supermarket chain Publix has announced they are purchasing produce and milk from farmers affected by the current global crisis. Publix will, in turn, donate these products to Feeding America food banks within their operating areas.

Publix Buys Excess Milk, Produce From Farmers, Donates It To Food Banks

Publix Buys Excess Milk, Produce From Farmers, Donates It To Food Banks

The good people of Publix helping farmers survive amid the crisis

The good people of Publix is expected to donate over 150,000 pounds of produce and 43,000 gallons of milk to food banks. This program supports Florida farmers, southeastern dairy farmers, and the good people looking to Feeding America for fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk during the ongoing crisis. The farmers have been forced to waste produce and milk.

Publix has the opportunity to bridge the gap between the needs of families and farmers. The events of the past month have severely impacted these groups. The grocery store chain Publix is doing good by addressing the needs of the farming community and the local food banks.

Publix doing good to feed the hungry

The good Publix is doing is helping Farmers in the area, including Florida, in a time in need. Publix is helping buy more vegetables from local farms, supplying food banks.

The program Publix is doing is also providing financial support to farmers during this struggling time. The good staff at Publix have donated billions of dollars in food and has pledged another $2 billion in food donations through 2030.

Publix Super Markets Charities is also making donations of more than $2 million to aid Feeding America food banks. This good supermarket chain has become known for working at alleviating hunger in their neighborhoods.

Publix is supporting farmers during a time of decreased demand for their products and those who need milk during the crisis. Publix is helping by restocking food banks. They have been empty because of the millions out of work during this crisis.

This grocery chain is making a difference during a time when hope can be lost. Not concerned with profit, Publix is doing good for those in need of food and milk. At the same time they are helping the farmers have somewhere for their products to go. What a great example of sharing what you have to help others.


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