Most restaurants in New York City remain closed since March. It gave an opportunity to Jeffrey Kaplow and his friend Jennifer Asher to support his community. The duo delivered their first round of meals to a hospital. Gratified by the response, they decided to do something more. Thus started a project which soon blossomed into an incredible movement called ‘Heroes for Heroes.’

Man Delivers 1000s Of Meals To New York City Hospitals For Free To Honor Late Dad
Man Delivers 1000s Of Meals To New York City Hospitals For Free To Honor Late Dad

Birth of ‘Heroes for Heroes’

The movement has been joined by many volunteers who carefully and hygienically package fresh sandwiches at local subway stores. The packed sandwiches are then personally distributed to Mount Sinai hospitals, and Uber and Lyft handled the logistics. The team has done more than 2500 deliveries to the workers. And the duo is not going to rest on their achievements anytime soon!

The remarkable part of this campaign is that the food is free! Through GoFundMe donations, Jeffrey and Jennifer have raised over $45,000!

A gesture to say thank you

The movement is very close to Jeffrey’s heart for one more reason. Talking to, Jeffrey said, “My dad passed away a few years ago from cancer, and the hospital workers were amazing in taking care of him. So I feel like right now, I’m giving back to those that were helping my family. They have helped all our families. It’s what keeps me going.” Therefore it was a way to express his gratitude to the medical community.

The Doctors, the Nurses, and Paramedical staff who serve the people of this great nation deserve to be repaid for their wonderful acts of kindness and give them all a reason to smile. Many such unsung heroes are doing good for their community. If you know of heroes such as this let us know and we’ll share it. Do good by doing good for others…that’s what it is all about!


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