The good people of Missouri have come up with the “Share the Harvest” program. The program allows Missouri deer hunters to donate their catch to charity. This past season was successful as they were able to donate 6,750 whole deer, and 350,000 pounds of venison were donated to local food banks.

Missouri hunters doing good to help those going hungry

The group is doing good, providing grass-fed meat packaged and delivered to the food banks, thanks to the good people who organized 100 participating meatpacking facilities.

The processing costs are being covered by organizations that do good for the community, including Missouri Chapter National Wild Turkey, government departments like the Missouri Department of Conservation and the Missouri Food Banks Association.

The good people behind Share the Harvest started the group because they saw a need in their communities. Hunters have become the driving force behind this program that helps feed their fellow Missourians.

Doing good keeps the deer population healthy

Missouri has been doing good with this organization since 1992.  They are able to provide so much meat because there are around 1.4 million deer that collide with vehicles along the state’s roads. They have been harvesting almost 300,000 of those deer.

The hunters are doing good by stopping the spread of chronic wasting disease in Missouri. It’s a disease that infects deer across the country but especially in the Midwest.  The people are doing good and have created other hunter-food bank programs across the country. Missouri has become home to one of the largest chapters of Hunters for the Hungry.

The hunter’s way of life also helps to lessen CO2 emissions, as it is one of the most sustainable forms of food production. Bringing meat to the table reduces the carbon footprint.  The good hunters in Missouri have found a way to protect the environment while also feeding the hungry.

If you’re a hunter, share your comments if you are part of a similar program.

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