Every little girl’s favorite moment at school will be daddy-daughter dance. However, second-grader Avey Cox thought she would be unable to cause it to because her father passed away. Van Buren School Resource Officer Nick Harvey discovered Avey’s situation and knew he had to step in.

[Image via 5NEWS/Youtube screencap]
[Image via 5NEWS/Youtube screencap]

Good Samaritan Cop Brings Joy to Young Student

Officer Harvey knew learn about do and sought permission turn out to be her date. “I reached seem to mom because you imagine Needed was to get rejected by the second-grader, then morning I formally asked if she’d be my date for the daddy/daughter dance,” Harvey told KFSM.

Avey was excited and accepted Harvey’s invitation. The pair even coordinated their outfits. The great samaritan brought Avey to the college during a limo. The fun pair danced the night away with additional grade school kids and teachers.

Harvey ready to dance with Avey at all future school dances

Harvey would like to be Avey’s escort for most future school dances, so she doesn’t ought to miss another dance. A wish came true with this 8-year-old girl who needed to attend the school’s daddy-daughter dance—wish compassionate security guard stepped in.

Avey always has been excited to attend the annual daddy-daughter dance and her friends along at the Arkansas school. However, after her dad perished, the woman thought she would never have the ability to attend anymore.

Harvey says its an evening he will forever keep in mind because they made a whole lot of memories don / doff the dance floor. Avey said her favorite part was the dance moves. The great samaritan hopes to keep taking Avey for the daddy-daughter dance from now on. To accomplish their time together, the group went out and got soft ice cream then Avey was escorted home by the police car.

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