Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state is buying over 20,000 acres of wetlands. The wetlands are part of the Everglades. The state is making this purchase in order to protect it from oil drilling. This purchase is the largest wetland acquisition in a decade.

Everglades are being protected from oil drilling

Governor DeSantis says one of his administration’s environmental priorities has been to restore the Everglades. This is another step in the right direction. The wetlands are located in Water Conservation Area 3 (WCA 3) within the Everglades Protection Area located in Broward County.

Water Conservation Area 3 covers about 915 square miles in western Miami-Dade and Broward counties. State officials are doing good by trying to move billions of gallons of water south from Lake Okeechobee to Florida Bay.

The possibility of the wetlands being drilled for oil is something residents no longer have to worry about. DeSantis said “I’m proud of our progress, but also recognize this is just the beginning. “I will continue to fight every day for the Everglades and Florida’s environment.” The area has become one of the most important wetland systems in the Everglade ecosystem. This section of the Everglades is home to several types of birds including the Wood Stork.

The health of the wetlands is necessary for the environment to thrive

The Sun Sentinel reports the state is buying the 20,000 acres from Kanter Real Estate LLC, which previously won approval for an exploratory oil well. Kanter received plenty of international outrage.  DeSantis has surprised many for undertaking a handful of pro-environment initiatives. DeSantis created a task force to tackle toxic algae and increased funding for Everglades restoration.

The wetlands are critical to the health and wellness of the Everglades.  Restoring the Everglades reservoir will send an average of 120 billion gallons of freshwater to Everglades National Park. Therefore, it will be reducing unwanted discharges to the East and West coasts. Mother Nature is definitely worth saving, so Florida is doing a good deed, keeping the planet healthy.

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