Homelessness is a serious issue across the country. While there are homeless shelters that people can stay in, those can fill up pretty quickly. A businessman in North Carolina is doing good for the community by opening up his parking lot to people who are living out of their cars.

Good Samaritan car dealer lets those living in their car, park at the dealership

James Charles is the manager of Kiplin’s Automotive Group in Charlotte, North Carolina. The North Carolina dealership is providing homeless men, women, and families a safe place to spend the night.

CNN reports, not having to worry about whether they’re trespassing or breaking the law, means everything to those living in their car. One person living in her car at the dealership is Davina Stephens. Stephens said “Weeks of no income set me back,” Stephens said. “It’s hard to dig yourself out of a hole when you don’t have savings and things like that.”

Charlotte community getting involved as well donating items to the dealership

Charles got inspired after his repo team attempted to take back a woman’s car in January. According to WBTV, the owner was living in the car, so the repo team said they can’t take the car because someone is living in it.

The good samaritan attempted to get the lady into a homeless shelter but discovered that every single one was full. He eventually paid for her to stay at a hotel for a few days. However, he knew that the problem was bigger than just her. So Charles took to Facebook trying to get the word out about his initiative.

Safe Place To Park At Night…..#kiplinissafeIt’s not news that people are sleeping in their cars at night….

Posted by Kiplin Automotive Group on Thursday, January 23, 2020

When people saw his message, they donated hats, scarves, food, toiletries, and even a portable toilet. So far, 20 different people have accepted Charles’s offer to park their cars overnight at the lot. Charles has now started his nonprofit HALO Now, raising funds for the homeless community in Charlotte. He started a GoFundMe campaign for the charity, raising more than $30,000.

This is an amazing story of a man using his resources for good. Is there someone in your community who has done something similar. Share your story in the comments section.



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