You are speeding on a highway to visit family late in the evening and suddenly, you lose control and crash your car into a truck. The car catches fire and all airbags come into action trapping you inside the car. The only thing that looks certain in such situations is death. But a good Samaritan comes from nowhere and saves you from the blazing flames by risking his life.

It looks like an imaginary script, doesn’t it? But, this is exactly what happened with Richie Bursik, a man from Mannford, Oklahoma.

The Unknown Helping Hand of Do Good Soul

It was getting dark over the hills, and the Mannford grandfather was on his way to meet family members. But something unfortunate happened as a truck pulled in front of him on Highway 51. He jumped on his brakes but couldn’t stop the car from crashing into the truck.

The car caught on fire, and air safety bags came down, trapping him inside. Seemingly nobody but God could save him from such a situation. In his own words, he is an incredibly lucky man as a great man of God came from nowhere to save him.

“If I would have been trapped in there I wouldn’t have made it, I mean that went up quick,” 8ABC Tulsa quoted Richie Bursik as saying.

“The car caught on fire so fast then all the airbags came down, and you couldn’t get out,” he added further.

Thank You, Mystery Man

The timely intervention of a great soul saved Bursik from the fire. Unfortunately, he couldn’t even thank him properly as he did his great act and just disappeared into the night.

Had it not been for the quick thinking of the Good Samaritan, he likely wouldn’t be here today, said Bursik adding, “That was a wakeup call, how lucky I am and how good people are, that they would pull over and help a stranger.”

God is everywhere in all living and non-living things.  We can certainly say that the mystery man was in the right place at the right time. Bursik definitely was a lucky man that night.

Bursik wants to meet and thank the mystery man as he couldn’t even talk and see when he was pulling him out of the burning car. How encouraging this story is someone risking their lives to help another. Now that is doing good!

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