The housing prices continue to elevate in Denver, Colorado. Moreover, the way to create low-income housing is pricey and takes years to build. Given that the housing costs increase, the homeless situation is escalating in the city.

Former Colorado hotel converted into affordable housing for homeless [Image via]

Good Samaritan buys an old hotel to help homeless

The President of the Colorado Coalition saw an opportunity. The Quality Inn and Suites went for sale, and John Parvensky quickly bought the hotel for $8.4 million. The good Samaritan managed to pool together a mixture of private, city, and state funds. He first had to finish some minor renovations before opening it as Fusion Studios.

Fusion Studios stands out as the 17th building that Parvensky has opened over his 30 numerous years of work. The good news is rooms are accessible if you come next to the road or from shelters across Denver. Prospective tenants can secure vouchers from state and city in order verify that a maximum of 30% should be used using their incomes for rent.  The standard rent for tenants is about $100 a month.

Parvensky hoping to replicate this system across the state

The Gazette reports that a floor and room plan’s divided up by somebody’s circumstances in place of by size and luxury. Moreover, 28 rooms are available for anyone awaiting trial for low-level crimes like public urination and trespassing. Ten other rooms are restricted to homeless people who end up frequenting Denver Public Hospitals.

“We were scratching our heads trying to figure out the way we can shorten the time frame so that the people who find themselves along the streets tonight have a very good spot for a call their apartment at once,” Parvensky said. As a result, Parvensky and his team are looking to replicate this setup with partnerships across Denver. Fusion Studios becomes the hottest city-funded affordable housing development to open in Denver.

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