Scammers often target the aged, thinking they’re easy targets. Fortunately, there are good Samaritans around who will stop them into their tracks. One good samaritan that stands out is a cab driver that helped stop an elderly woman from being scammed nearly $25,000.

Good Samaritan saves an older lady from a scammer

Raj Singh is the owner of Roseville Cabs in California. He received a call to pick up a 92-year-old in Sun City and drive her to a nearby bank. While on the way to the bank, the lady began to reveal some alarming details about her trip.

CNN reports the lady told the driver that she received a call from an IRS employee, claiming she owed the U.S. government $25,000. Clearly in a panic, she wanted to get to the bank to withdraw the money so she could settle the debt immediately.

Raj Singh brought the lady to the police station

Good Samaritan Raj Singh knew the email sounded really fishy. He pleaded with the lady to reconsider, saying he thought this is a scam. Singh even talked with a police officer for helping convince his passenger not to withdraw her money. Singh actually called the telephone number and spoke on the man claiming being with the IRS. He says he didn’t know which woman. When Singh pressured him for more information, the person blocked Singh’s number.

At the police station, an officer spoke to the girl and confirmed it was obviously a scam. Singh then took the girl home. The authorities invited Singh to the station and presented him accompanied by a $50 gift card.

“His quick thinking saved a senior citizen $25,000, and for the, we greatly appreciate his efforts,” police said. Singh told CNN that he was a real guy, these old people need our help, so it simply made sense.

Many have had an identical situation? Scammers continue to victimize the weak, and luckily there are good Samaritans who jump in to help after they sense something is wrong. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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