AHomelessness is a major concern in the state of California. California Gov. Newsom will offer up 286 state-owned buildings to help those who are sleeping on the streets.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is working at ending the homeless crisis.

California state government good act opens up more areas to house homeless

As such, the properties include state-owned undeveloped lots, fairgrounds, armories, and other government buildings. Moreover, the move comes in the wake of other housing initiatives launched since Newsom took office in January 2019, including deploying emergency shelters in the form of mobile homes for the homeless.

Governor Newsom addressed the issue during his State of the State address. Furthermore, he said that it’s a disgrace that it is happening in the richest state in the richest nation. LAist reports that Newsom will make 286 state-owned properties available to use as shelters and for other homeless services.

Homelessness in California has impacted nearly 150,000 people

A result of the California housing crisis is a decline in low-income houses. Governor Newsom has proposed $750 million dollars for the purpose of getting this kind of housing built quickly. $2 billion has already been allocated for similar services and other projects. The state would provide the buildings to local governments for $1 leases.

Furthermore, the state government is using $650 million from the State Emergency Aid to build up the sites. Local governments have the final say about where to house people. Moreover, they are also responsible for reviewing the sites. Homelessness in the most populated state has reached nearly 151,000 people.

Reuters reports that Newsom is attempting to have these new projects be exempt from the strict environmental regulations, so the shelters can be built more quickly. Likewise, most of these properties end up in environmental review. Those who don’t want the shelters in their neighborhood often attempt to delay these reviews.

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