The bald eagle is the official bird of the United States. Unfortunately, Ohio has been home to only four nests since 1979. The good thing is that after 41 years, that number has dramatically increased.

Good news Ohio seeing an increase in the bald eagle population

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources reports 312 chicks were “fledged from 221 nests in 2017.” Bald eagle breeding pairs have increased 22 percent between 2017 and 2018. The ODNR Division of Wildlife partnered with various state zoos and rehabilitation services to manufacture a climate that allowed bald eagles to recover in great numbers. The federal government ended up removing the bald eagle from its list of endangered species.

The federal government removed the bald eagle from the federal endangered list in 2007. Moreover, Ohio eventually took the bald eagle of its state listing.

However, the good thing is the bald eagle populations have increased in other states, including Georgia and New Jersey. WLWT5 reports that habitat destruction and degradation, illegal shooting, and the contamination of its food source, as a result of standby time with the pesticide DDT, decimated the eagle population.

Best time to see the eagles is late March

The bald eagle became a symbol of the us by George Washington. Ohio wildlife experts remind those which catch a glimpse of these bald eagles to keep their eyes open during late March. Moreover, the Ohio DNR also reminds the public to keep their distance from the fantastic birds.

The population of mid-winter eagles in Ohio was found in an annual survey to have increased 75% in just one year. Moreover, habitat protection afforded by the Endangered Species Act, the federal government’s banning of DDT, and conservation actions taken by the American public helped bald eagles make a remarkable recovery across Ohio and the nation.

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