California Governor Gavin Newsom has established a new program that brings three meals a day to seniors in need while providing work to those currently unemployed.

Good news California feeding senior citizens

It’s the first program of its kind in the nation. ‘Great Plates Delivered’ supports struggling restaurants to rehire or retain staff. They will then be able to prepare the meals and deliver them to those in need.

This new program was created through assistance with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  Moreover, this new program is the first of its kind in the country. CNBC reports that there are at least 5.7 million seniors in California, with 1.7 million of them living alone, and possibly unable to cook their own meals.

FEMA will cover 75% of the cost, with the state picking up most of the remaining tab. Restaurants are reimbursed at rates of $16 for breakfasts, $17 for lunches, and up to $28 for dinners.

New program helps lower unemployment

The good news is that this unprecedented effort to support seniors will bring welcome relief. Local governments are facing major tax shortfalls that make it difficult for them to provide essential services to those in need. The state will focus its resources on helping local growers.

Newsom said they want to “make sure what we are sending to our seniors is low sodium, no high fructose drinks or sugary drinks, and the like,” “We want to connect our farms to this effort. We want to focus our values throughout the state of California to get a lot of independent restaurants up and running again as well, and have a diversity of options.”

In order to qualify for this program, individuals must live alone or with one other program-eligible adult. They also must not be receiving other forms of state of federal nutrition assistance.

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