Everett High School students got a pleasant surprise one-morning last week. The students found handwritten notes attached to their lockers. The messages were simple and very positive.

It brightened the outlook of the students and gave them new energy to start their days with a positive attitude. However, the person behind the initiative was a mystery. The person remained anonymous for a week.

Wcvb.com first reported the story. The acts of kindness were spreading happiness at Everett High School, and the writer of the messages was a mystery.

Inspirational notes on lockers spread kindness [Image via wcvb.com/video screencap]
Inspirational notes on lockers spread kindness [Image via wcvb.com/video screencap]

Anonymous writer who spreads the message of love

Student Regina Guillaume was the first to receive a note, which went like this -“Keep your head up, stay strong. The teacher you don’t like, be nice to them and see the difference you’ll make.”

Another student Jason Portillo also received a note on his locker -“People need you out there. Make sure you are there for them.” A third message went like this-” ‘I dare you to compliment five people. Then when you’re done, pass this note on,'”

The student newspaper, The Crimson Times, reported the story and tweeted out photos of the notes. It said, “Someone is leaving anonymous notes of inspiration around the hallways … is it you?”

The mystery continued for a week. Crimson Times writer Christopher Arils said “I don’t even know who it is, he doesn’t want to be shown or like recognized and I think he deserves that because a lot of people don’t spend one minute writing a little note to pass it to someone who’s having a hard day. And he did that to many students. Somebody is going around writing stuff like that, especially when they don’t even want recognition. I don’t know — it just amazes me,”

Small acts of kindness

Finally, on Wednesday, the identity of the writer was revealed. Philip Fonsec, a freshman, admitted that he came early in the morning to spread the message of love.

It is exceptional to spread the message of love and positivity. A quick word of encouragement, a gesture of thanks, or even a small question like –”How are you?” Or “Hope you are doing well?” goes a long way in making someone’s day bright. What do you think about it? Please share your comments in the comment section below.


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