For most restaurant owners, the reality of being robbed with keep them down during times like these. However, that’s not the case for a local pizza shop in Texas. Marco’s Pizza shop in Texas was robbed, while the community is facing an economic downturn. Moreover, the burglars did not just target Marco’s Pizza. WFAA reports that six others were robbed.

Good news robbers walked away empty-handed

After watching surveillance footage, Marco’s owner figured the burglars were amateur.  Moreover, they fumbled through drawers for five minutes, and even trying to open the safe using a pizza spatula. The would-be-thieves ended up leaving with no money.

The good news is Chamal took the incident as a reminder of the desperate times people are living. Therefore, he decided to do something to help. He took to Facebook offering up help to those in need.

“In the coming months, if you find yourself in a situation unable to put food on the table, please stop by our store. There is no need to be shy or embarrassed. Just speak with the manager and quietly let us know you’ve seen this post. We will make sure your family gets a meal.” His daughter was turning a month old that day and he wanted to do something good.

Marco’s helping feed the community

The Facebook post generated support from the community and across the country. One fan said she admired the response from Marco’s despite the terrible situation.

They said that they’ve never eaten at Marco’s but now most certainly will. Moreover, Marco’s is a counter-serve pizza chain with locations throughout the United States. Kahanawta has lived in Dallas Fort-Worth for 15 years and wanted to something for the community that added value. Has your community experienced a similar situation and turned something negative into a positive for the community. Share you stories in the comment section below.

What a great example of taking something bad and making it good!

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