Carla Kaiser and Heather Fritton are actresses and had met during rehearsals for Grease the Musical.  Carla Kaiser Kotrc, of Arvada, Colo., said that whenever she is a part of any musical, the cast becomes just like a family and the bond is very strong. Soon the two were inseparable pals. However, they were polar opposites in personality. While Heather was a greenhorn and nervous, Carla was just the opposite – bright, and bubbly, warm, joyful, and loving person.

A Friend's Act Of Generosity Helps 'Shine A Light' For Woman After Shocking Separation
A Friend’s Act Of Generosity Helps ‘Shine A Light’ For Woman After Shocking Separation [Image via]
In the show, Carla enacted the role of Rydell High School principal, Greta McGee. Heather was Jan, one of the Pink Ladies. The cast wound up into a tightly-knit group. However, once the show ended all went their separate ways.

A devastating disclosure

Heather was married and had two boys, Teagan and Quinlan. The couple resided in the suburbs of Denver. Everything was going smoothly until five years into the marriage; Heather discovered a horrible truth about her husband. Her husband was an alcoholic and his addiction was on the rise. Heather found out that her husband had been hiding alcohol around the house and lying about his drinking.

Heather found her world crashing and one day her husband packed his bag and said he was leaving and wanted a divorce.

The situation quickly escalated. Heather was a single mother with the burden of two kids aged 2 years and 7 months. Her world came crashing down around her and she had to start from scratch and needed help desperately.

Talking to Heather poured her heart out “When someone says, ‘Let me know if you need anything,’ you think, ‘I don’t even know what to ask for. I don’t even know what to begin with. I need so much help and feel like my whole life is a disaster,'”

When Carla heard the news, she was stunned.

“They really seemed like such a loving, compatible couple,” Carla said. “So I was really sad for her.”

Carla herself had gone through the trauma of separation and she felt just like Heather when someone offered help.

Moral support

A month had passed and Heather was still not settled with her new situation. One morning she received a message. It was from Carla who she had not heard from in years. “She just said, ‘Where do you work? I’m bringing you dinner,'” Heather said. “And I sent her the address of my work, and she said, ‘Okay, I’ll be there at 5 p.m. Meet me outside.'”

The offer was to help change her life and transform her into a new woman.  Carla was well aware of Heather’s state of mind.

Carla said, “I just felt like an everyday something is going to make a difference in her day. I gave her the food. I gave her a hug. She felt good. I feel good. It was a loving but fast exchange.”

The bag which Carla brought contained roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and rolls.

However, it was not the food but the card which accompanied the food which gave strength to Heather to face the difficult situation. But Carla’s concern didn’t stop there. She was aware that Heather would need support for months after the shocking separation.

So she took a bunch of cards and wrote one or two-line inspirational messages and sent one every week.

These small acts of kindness meant so much to Heather. Small acts of kindness or a sympathetic ear goes a long way towards helping someone that has been hurt emotionally. One never knows what another may be going through. Just taking a little time out of your day can make a big difference for someone having a rough time. Take the time to do good…I promise it feel good.


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