College debt is a serious issue in the country. More than 400 California graduates discovered that their student fees had been completely paid off. The good samaritans donated more than $8 million to Students Rising Above. SRA serves students from all nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. Many are from families with 100% from low-to-moderate incomes and 62% living below the federal poverty line.

Good Samaritan pays of college graduates debts

SRA is a San Francisco-based nonprofit organization that helps send low-income, first-generation college students through college. They also provide them with personal guidance, mentoring, internships, and career guidance.

CBS SF reports that the average SRA grad leaves school with $8,000 in debt. Kimberly Armstrong owed $300,000 in law school debts. And now he is just one of the SRA students who has now been freed from the financial burden. This is all because of the good samaritan.

SRA has now been able to provide debt relief for many of their graduates

For more than 20 years, the Students Rising Above (SRA) non-profit, co-founded by former KPIX 5 news anchor Wendy Tokuda, has provided underserved students with financial assistance, college prep, internships, career counseling and more.

Now, the non-profit has announced another incredible milestone. Anonymous donors have stepped forward with a gift that will change the lives of approximately 400 SRA graduates – providing up to $8 million to pay off their college debt.

SRA’s Head of Programs Lorna Contreras-Townsend says the average SRA scholar graduates with around $8,000 in student loans, still a substantial financial worry for many looking for or even losing a job. Dr. Zachary Tabb was facing a $160,000 medical school debt, but thanks to the good samaritan, this has been a life-changing experience for him.

This non-profit group is doing a great thing for so many students. Helping by reducing their debt will make getting started in life a tad bit easier. I would day they are a good group of do gooders!

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