The world is full of sorrow and desire is the root cause of all miseries. Thankfully, there are great souls everywhere doing good to keep humanity alive and show the path. Despite the ongoing struggle for survival amidst the pandemic, some people are finding it hard to control the animal instinct. This is what happened in Fairfax Country, Virginia when a 25-year old assaulted a teenage girl in Springfield.

Good samaritan intervenes during sexual assault of a teenage girl
Good samaritan intervenes during a sexual assault of a teenage girl [Image via screencap]

Anonymous Hand of Good Soul

There is a broader trend of decline in reporting of criminal cases across the country. But some incidents shake the whole system. Arjun Dhumal tried to assault a teenage girl on a neighborhood sidewalk and sexually assaulted her on Thursday, the Fairfax County Police Department said in a release.

Although the crime could not be averted, a Good Samaritan came forward to help the police nab the culprit. The county police came into action following a call from a Good Samaritan.

The primary investigation, as told by police, suggests that the culprit approached the victim on a neighborhood sidewalk and sexually assaulted her. When she tried to call 911, he threw the phone.

Crime and Beyond

The police took the culprit to the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center and charged him with abduction with intent to defile, attempted rape, and prevent summoning law enforcement, the release said.

Dhimal has been held without bond, the report added further.

The culprit is in custody he will definitely get punishment according to established laws and procedure. But, the question remains why people cross limits when it comes to desire. The action might satiate the culprits’ desire momentarily, but it devastates the life of the victim forever.

The procedural justice might put criminals behind the bars forever, but the victim will have to suffer the mental agony for the lifetime.

It is a fact that crimes cannot be stopped, but being the children of almighty we can always do good to help those get justice whenever required. You can play an active role by reporting anything that you think isn’t ethically, morally, and legally right.

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