Although many restaurants have struggled to stay afloat, many of them have also found innovative ways to stay in business while serving their communities In California alone, the state is now paying restaurants to deliver food to seniors in need.

Good Samaritan Chef Jose Andres keeping the hungry fed

Internationally renowned celebrity chef Jose Andres has served more than 750,000 meals across the country, over the last three months. Chef Andres has launched several restaurants in the country. He has served more than 15 million meals globally during hurricanes, wildfires and disaster recoveries.

Food and Wine reports that Chef Andres operations work out of places like libraries, food trucks and shuttered restaurants. Feeding 125 hospitals, students in school lunch programs and even quarantined cruise ship passengers. Andres has amassed an A-list network around the world. He is relying on celebrity chef pals including Rachael Ray, Guy Fieri and Marcus Samuelsson to feed the hungry. While also working to buoy the humble restaurant kitchens across America where many started their careers.

Chef Andres reach is global

Chef Andres is not serving simple bland sandwiches. Recent meals at senior centers in Washington, D.C., have included creamy tomato pasta with spring vegetables, and cilantro rice bowls with spiced chickpeas and spinach topped with citrus vinaigrette and crispy tortillas.

The newly-launched “Restaurants for the People” initiative was launched by World Central Kitchen (WCK): a Washington DC-based charity whose “Food First Responders” program has already served millions of meals to people in dire circumstances around the world. WCK is now promising to cover the costs of one million meals prepared by more than 400 restaurants across the United States. Since the nonprofit will reimburse restauranteurs at a rate of about $10 per meal, the businesses will be able to rehire staff members in order to help prepare the meals. Meanwhile, WCK will handle the delivery logistics.

In the meantime, WCK’s relief team launched operations on the Navajo Nation this week. The indigenous reservation has been hit particularly hard. Jose Andreas himself is on the ground, helping his organization get meals to people in hard to reach communities.

Jose Andreas is doing good through his resources and making a difference by helping feed millions. If you know of good stories like this, even on a local level, let us know in our comments section. We’d love to hear about good being done, always!

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