Americans are facing a declining economy and unemployment, meaning stress is becoming a serious issue for most people. One company is offering its services to those who may need it the most. Headspace offers free one-year subscriptions to all unemployed and furloughed people in the United States. This is an effort to help support and mitigate the psychological effects of a rising jobless rate.

Good news: ‘Headspace Promise’ allows free access to meditation services

Entrepreneur reports that this initiative is part of the company’s newly-created “Headspace Promise” campaign to care for the mental health of communities. With a focus on those at risk of suffering from increased stress and anxiety.

Moreover, in addition to offering free subscriptions for US, UK, and French healthcare providers, the company is also offering up their free services to K-12 educators in Canada and Australia also.

Headspace working with states to provide residents with stress-reducing services

The company has also announced partnerships with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer to provide free Headspace content to residents.

“During this crisis, our mental health is suffering. Headspace is here to give you the tools and resources to look after your mind,” according to the site. “And now, more than ever, it’s time to support those who really need it.”

Headspace previously extended free access to Headspace Plus through the end of 2020 for all U.S. healthcare professionals who work in public health settings. Moreover, anyone feeling the stress of the pandemic, maintaining a sense of agency over your mind is crucial right now. Meditation apps are an excellent way to develop those health mindfulness practices. It is important to stay calm during these times of uncertainty.

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