Struggling with stress, fear and anxiety is a constant battle for most people across the world. Companies around the globe are doing good will during this time of crisis. These companies are giving us hope and renewed faith in humanity.

Good news grocery store chains are helping those affected across the globe

The current crisis is having a serious impact on grocery store workers. They’ve become the front-line now that many restaurants have been temporarily closed. Store workers are (understandably) demanding compensation for the risk, and Trader Joe’s is working hard to deliver.  The good news is the company is providing scaled bonuses to all employees.

The grocery chain Woolworths is opening an hour earlier for the elderly. This is to better care for their needs, along with giving them a headstart on getting necessary supplies, before the crowds panic-buy everything on the shelves. As they move forward, they are beginning to offer more Amazon-style checkout-free self-service in stores. They are also encouraging shoppers to shop online as well as in store.

Texas based H-E-B Grocery Chain were ready to help

Texas based grocer H-E-B has been helping those in the community. They are offering raises to their employees, providing delivery services to the elderly, and donating $3 million to non-profits that help the vulnerable. Texas Monthly reports that H-E-B has grown accustomed to managing a disaster. They were key in helping the gulf recover from Hurricane Harvey.

The company worked hard at keeping their shelves stocked with supplies. H-E-B looked for new supply chains, when their regular sources began to run empty. One of the first items they saw run out was the N95 masks. They managed to brace for running out of other products. However, they did acknowledge that they were surprised at the mass purchasing of toilet paper.

No matter how small the deed, making a difference in the life of one person still makes a difference. These companies are taking this challenging time and making a mole hill out of a mountain. It is not easy to accept change, but to come out stronger on the other side…that’s doing good.

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