Small acts of kindness often beget more significant acts of kindness. During any lockdown, hoarding is a common phenomenon. Essentials like toilet paper, toothpaste, groceries usually disappear fast from stores before any lockdown due to panic buying. However, Jason Rankin of Kettering did the exact opposite. He delivered toilet paper to the needy.

Acts of kindness continue: Shopping angels, sugar fairies and thank-you lunches
Acts of kindness continue: Shopping angels, sugar fairies and thank-you lunches

Little acts of kindness

Talking to Dayton Daily News, Rankin said it was a small act, and he likes helping his neighbors. ‘We’re all in this together … just 6 feet apart’ it is cool seeing the community support each other. It’s too bad it took something terrible to bring people together,”
What started as a small act soon led to more acts of kindness. Rankin joined a local Facebook group calling itself Shopping Angels. Members volunteered to get groceries and other wares for people who cannot get these things themselves. Rankin himself made more than ten deliveries.

He added, “We are supposed to help our neighbors and people in need. That’s how I was brought up. I like doing that. It’s just what we do. We get something out of it, too — people smile, and that’s enough,”

East Wine Fairy Sisterhood

Residents in the Kettering area have posted on social media about receiving bags filled with candies, toys, and even wine. Betsy O’Ryan of Kettering informed Dayton Daily News that she had received wine four times. It has encouraged her to join a group called the Montgomery County East Wine Fairy Sisterhood to repay the debt. “It makes you feel connected. For a lot of people and me, you get more out of giving. It’s just nice to make someone’s day,” she said.

O’Ryan and her family continue with their acts of goodness. They have delivered driveway chalk messages and dropped off Bill’s Donuts to friends and created a thank-you video for Kettering teachers and staff.



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